Canada Beef

We are delighted and very proud to be the only company to offer you premium brands of Canadian beef products in the UAE. We strongly believe that Canada is the world’s most ideal location to produce beef. The abundance of clean water, fresh air and open spaces for cattle to graze consistently results in products of the highest quality. Each Canadian product has its own unique characteristics that ensure a distinctive and pleasant dining experience.

Whole Veal Tenderloin

Per 1kg Piece AED 210.00

Whole Veal Rack (Frenched)

Per 2.5kg Piece AED 480.00

Veal Striploin

Per 150gm Steak AED 35.00

Veal Spare Ribs

Per KG AED 150.00

Veal Osso Bucco

Per KG AED 110.00

Veal Mince

Per 500gm AED 40.00

Veal Cubes

Per 500gm AED 40.00

Veal Chop

Per 350gm Piece AED 80.00