Ecolait Veal

As the preferred meat of reputable chefs and restaurants, we are proud to offer the highest quality milk-fed veal available in the UAE. Our veal product’s color, taste and texture is unparalleled due to the advanced veal production system developed in Canadian province of Quebec. Calves are fed strictly on a milk based diet and are never fed solids. Attention to detail, animal welfare and food safety are what differentiates our milk-fed veal products to any others, providing you with a unique delicate taste and exceptional tenderness that make our veal products truly unique.

Whole Veal Tenderloin

Per 1kg Piece AED 210.00

Whole Veal Rack (Frenched)

Per 2.5kg Piece AED 480.00

Veal Striploin

Per 150gm Steak AED 35.00

Veal Spare Ribs

Per KG AED 150.00

Veal Osso Bucco

Per KG AED 110.00

Veal Mince

Per 500gm AED 40.00

Veal Cubes

Per 500gm AED 40.00

Veal Chop

Per 350gm Piece AED 80.00